EFOS Services to Clients

Physical Outreach
Digital Outreach
Verified Leads
Program Consultancy
Research and Surveys
Career and Employability Counselling
Hiring and Admission Process Handholding

Phygital Outreach

We address your biggest challenge in reaching out to target student/youth audience in rural and underserved locations through our vast physical and digital network going beyond city centres.

Community Engagement

Our direct outreach to candidates through local intermediaries address challenges of effective communication with target individuals.


We address your challenges in finding the right ‘candidates’ from our ‘in-house data pool and physical outreach network’. We inform, counsel and engage student/youth on your offers and openings matching their expressed aspirations and required education, skill, experience and demographic profile.


We help you in plan and streamline your reach out strategy, hiring and admission program, talent management based on our years of experience, data and analytics.

Verified Leads

We reduce your challenges of ‘lead management’ with our pre-screening processes to shortlist youth applicants/ candidates on their interest and readiness to join.

Survey & Feedback

We provide comprehensive outreach and engagement channel to carryout field research and survey activities to capture demand side perspectives.

Local Development

We address your challenges in finding willing partners to your self employment/ entrepreneurship opportunity offers in rural and underserved locations.